Achae Veganic is a brand of handmade cosmetics for women at the age of 30-45, made exclusively from carefully selected natural ingredients. The brand pays special attention to its eco-friendly and cruelty-free values and stays away from using artificial and synthetic ingredients.
/Rebranding challenge/
When we first met the client, the brand already existed without a consistent packaging style. Each jar and each bottle were made individually using the scrapbooking technique and required a lot of time to be produced. This clearly wasn’t helping the sales. Our challenge was to create a new brand logo and a new packaging style at the same time keeping the basic elements of the old one: natural, organic feel and use of floral elements. The jars had a specific, rough texture and therefore we also added texture to our patterns. We wanted the new labels to be more modern, colorful and energetic, but as the brand already had a community of active users, we didn’t want to move from the old direction too far.
/Hand-painted botanical illustrations /
All the illustrations on the labels were first drawn on paper with a pencil. Then we used pro markers to blend different colors together and make the illustrations more vivid. After scanning the sketches we then imported them into Photoshop and made the final retouches there. We put emphasis on maintaining a tropical style to reflect the energetic and optimistic character of the brand.

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